Systematic Eradication

by Untimely Demise

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    Produced by ex-Megadeth/King Diamond Guitarist, Glen Drover & featuring stunning iconic Ed Repka cover art, SYSTEMATIC ERADICATION is the 2nd (and newest) full-length release by Untimely Demise. This bludgeoning 8 track thrash/death metal album is by far the band's most intense and well-executed work to date. Crushing, solo-laden and diverse, this album is a must for fans of Megadeth, Arch Enemy, Death and Testament. Also features several Glen Drover guest solos.

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released October 28, 2013



all rights reserved


Untimely Demise Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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Track Name: Spiritual Embezzlement
Spiritual Embezzlement

(Music: Matt/ Lyrics: Murray)
The Spectre of violence has destroyed
Everything that was pure in this world
Obliteration of impressionable minds has become the norm
Harvesting their souls to carry out devious plans from above
Now it is left, plain to see what the world has become

It's Spiritual Embezzlement
It's running rampant everywhere
It's Spiritual Embezzlement
The insanity will incite the end

Systematic Eradication of all freewill
Ambitions are forgotten replaced by the status quo

The age of mediocrity has taken its toll
Nothing new to be discovered when money runs it all
Pacification by the media, the oligarchs and the governments
People live their lives like they're totally oblivious

Awaken...Resist the indoctrination
Creation...of the liberated mind
From within
New education
Built from the adversity of your experience

Systematic Eradication of all freewill
Ambition has returned, I think on my own
Track Name: The Last Guildsman
The Last Guildsman

(Music: Matt/ Lyrics: Murray)

A life of dedication
Meticulous attention to detail
Honing every process
By the sweat of his brow
Years turn to decades
Burning the midnight oil
Ingenuity from necessity
To build the ultimate (instrument)

Didn't you know
I'll take these secrets to the grave
Protecting the art form
The Last Guildsman

No one can see
All the sacrifices made
The price of perfection
I am the Last Guildsman

My life's singular purpose
Is to defy all convention
Millions of impostors come and go
They don't have my invention

My Ethos is monolithic
Not a puppet to conformity
This is my prometheus
Unleashed on the populous

A final testament
Shines through the dark ages
Rings like an endless note
Echoes with pertinence
Divine Decibels
Speak louder then words
A heart may stop beating
The legacy remains

Track Name: Somali Pirates
Somali Pirates

(Music: Matt/ Lyrics: Murray)

Crime of opportunity
Plundering the seas as they please
Preying on the wealthy pillars of industry
They have the world on its knees
Rebels without a cause
Only to maraud and survive
With their AK's and rocket propelled grenades
They rule with their brutality

Plaguing the world like human parasites
They live, they breed....they die
Murder, Torture, Ransom
The code which they abide
have no intention but to terrorize

Raking the waters with armour-piercing rounds
Armies of the nations will put them down
Human lives are stolen by violent usurpation
A price upon their heads
Signed with hot lead


Blast them from the waters
Stain the seas with their blood
Feed them to the sharks
Send them to their grave
No Authority on these darkened waters
Fire first or they'll put you down

Track Name: Redemption

(Music: Matt/ Lyrics: Murray)

Lured to the lion's den
The savages wait to feast on your flesh
Plotting and coaxing with malicious intent
The snare is tightened as they close their trap

Carcasses lay rotting in the scorching sun
Maggots infest bodies with their disease
Pride lies eager for the next strike
Eyes fixed on those they stock from a far

I shall repel them
To take back what is mine
Can't live in the past and dwell in regret
Suffer as a victim and bleed to death
The smell of fear will provoke their attack
The will to survive with no compromise

This is a test, I won't break, I won't rest till I die
Put a bullet through me I'll laugh and spit in your eye
I dance on fire and jump across their grave
And they are the ones that think that they are saved.....

Looking for some redemption to kill all the pain
My sins will be forgiven, just not today
The past is my present, my journey defines who I am

I shall repel them to take back what is mine
Track Name: Navigator's Choice
Navigator's Choice

(Music: Matt/ Lyrics: Murray)

What is this world I've stumbled upon
A tear in the fabric of time and space
A place unfamiliar from all that I've seen
This realm continues to infinity
I am the navigator
The choice is mine
Who can be trusted
And who will die

Dark figure lurks in the shadows
Raise my guard as the strike isn't far
Steel collides in the blink of an eye
A flash of blinding light

Walking away I'm left unscathed
My foe lies dead on the ground
Judgement is swift for those who don't know
Mercy means nothing to me

Lust for blood
A sacred primal urge
Centuries of corruption have led to these ends
Domination....or disintegration

Now I face the true enemy
Inflicting the fatal wound
No more will be left to suffer
By the tormentor's hand

Is this the end of it all?
The final day
Run through the stream of time
Reflection fades away
I navigate the universe
A path that few will ever take

The earth cracks beneath my feet
This world is about to implode
Complete this journey with
Quantum leap
The portal is about to close
A galaxy is ready to implode
Slipping past the event horizon
Fall into a black hole

Minutes seem like hours
Pain is felt eternally
Matter can't be destroyed
By the laws of entropy
Track Name: A Warrior's Blood
A Warrior's Blood

(Music: Matt/ Lyrics: Murray)

Base my life on principle - It's all I'll ever have
Fight for what I believe, even if it leaves me dead
Leave em bruised and bloodied - Break some fuckin' necks
Obstacles in my way...I shall decimate

You will never start to learn
When your mind is clouded with doubt
If I want something I go out and take it
Survival of the fittest - I am an army of one

Time falls through the hourglass
with it's grains of sand
Life's forces fade away with each and every day
Image means so much more to you
but not the filthy few
Killing is a living for the outlaws of the world

A web spun in lucid dreams with a goal to conquer all
I take no solace in second place
Fortunes turn like wheels of steel
Victory is all that I feel
Dominance is the reason I exist
All my foes shall perish in the end
War with me (is) a pernicious disease
Serve my blood lust - feeding my demons
I am a fighter that's never been beaten
A Warrior's spirit veins!
Track Name: Revolutions

(Music: Matt/ Lyrics: Murray)

Shot down dead on the streets
Another one falls for the revolution
Living in an oppressive state
Victims of modern slavery

Fires burn bright as an atom bomb
Holocaust of all humanity
Innocents slaughtered by the man
Who led them to the valley of darkness

Voice of Fate I have heard
Must retake what we have earned
Many die for the cause
To rid ourselves of the laws
Written in blood by those who disobey
Who took a stand against corrupt authority
Gather the masses who've suffered for years
Avenging the fallen's trail of tears

The hand strikes with deadly force
A massacre is unleashed
Every man should run and hide
The killer's put a price on you
Civilians pay for a tyrant's insecurity
For he feels his power slip away
Mobilization with hostile intention
Taking a piss on the Geneva Convention

HATE (hate) it powers the world
FEAR (fear) is part of their game
DEATH (death) is the reason we live (so get busy dying)
Players and puppets in a sickening play
Russian roulette will splatter your brain

I won't be asking for forgiveness
You try to wipe me out
Now I'll take you down
Everyday you crawl through life.....I'll show you why
Lies (lies) Pathetic fucking lies
You've reached the day of your decline
A path to disintegration is clearly set
Now it's up to us to take the first step

Track Name: Escape From Supermax
Escape from Supermax

(Music: Matt/ Lyrics: Murray)

This institution controls my life
Every aspect from morning til night
Brick walls and bars of iron
Screams of torment echo through the air

Care not of my innocence
Only to implement discipline
Alleys of fatal confrontations
One shiv away from a permanent vacation

Trapped in a spiral of despair
No solace to be found anywhere
Peering through a grey lens
Towards endless fields of desperation

Enduring depravity
By the hands of authority
Cast aside all my fear
And breakout of this palace of pain

Care not of my innocence
Only to implement discipline
Alleys of fatal confrontations
One shiv away from a permanent vacation

Slip through the iron shackles
Burn through the bars with a torch
Alarms ring with sonic menace
Lights flash in ambient patterns