No Promise Of Tomorrow

by Untimely Demise

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    A bludgeoning 11 track combination of thrash, death metal and more by the Canadian Death-Thrash group, Untimely Demise. Produced by Justin Bender/Untimely Demise, and featuring stunningly brutal cover art by Ed Repka. Includes guest solos by Bobby Koelble (Death) and Tim Roth (Into Eternity). Available on October 31st, 2018

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    Over 45 minutes of ultra-limited chromium dioxide thrash/death metal madness! Featuring cover art by Ed Repka (Megadeth, Death, etc) and guest solos by Bobby Koelble (Death), Tim Roth (Into Eternity) and Justin Bender (Third Ion). Only 50 copies available

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I am the enforcer/ The warrior on ice Built to protect and serve Battle for my brothers A bastion of strength Destroying threats that perturb Bare knuckle combat/ Slaying the giants You shall remember my name The roar of the crowd/ Adrenaline surges Aggression pulses through my veins Won't accept defeat/ I do what I'm told Hold the line and lead the charge Brutal impact rattles my brain but no complaints will be heard (Pre Chorus) No turning back for the damage has been done Dementia begins it's onset Piercing light makes me numb My internal sorrow / A plaque stains my mind Spawn of my anger/ From the scars left behind (Chorus) Chronic/ Traumatic/ Encephalopathy I've traded my life for the prize of eternal glory Chronic/ Traumatic/ Encephalopathy I've done the devil's deal and now It takes my sanity (Post Chorus) Endless days spent in the darkness As I self medicate/ Opiate Addiction Gallons of booze Searching for the final escape Alienation from the life I once knew Fighting for the will to live My dreams have become hell on this earth Bring me salvation before I'm entombed
Curse of death is lurking near I'm living for the speed Adrenaline rules my way of life Faster I achieve Messenger of Gasoline Burning for my pleasure Instant bliss takes effect When I meet my mission Higher than I've ever been Stronger than before Driven to the brink of insanity I'll settle life's score (Chorus) Got nowhere to go Nowhere to call my home All that I know Gotta keep on running Got no time to see Mistakes left behind The road unclear So I travel there I got nowhere to be No fantasy Of a perfect life But you know I tried Force of fate Calls my name To move in for the kill Wake of Destruction left behind A prophecy fulfilled Keep on Running
(Solo: Matt) Infinite hypocracy Manifests their destiny Shattering everything That we are fighting for Masquerade democracy Suppression of free thought Serfs in their kingdom Enslaved since we were born Power comes from violence The structures shall fall (Chorus) Now I taste the Incoming Pestilence Now I feel the anger boiling over For their crimes we will exact justice We won't live in fear of brutal reprisals Freedom has expired We must lead the charge No asking for forgiveness Cause we want blood Greed is their weakness Their ultimate demise Denial of authority Ending the tyranny Scavengers disintegrate Extinction by our hand (Solo: Bobby Koelble) (Chorus)
On the streets Where it is dark and cold No money left to borrow or steal You have found yourself alone Run from the law Scrapping by everyday And fond, distant memories Seem miles away Injection/ Cerebral seduction Killing the pain But just for today Living on the fringes of society Enduring endless abuse By the predator's hand Trading your soul one trick at a time Seeking out the fix that leads to decline No solace will be found In this race to oblivion (Chorus) You were a shining ray of light But you have fallen so far from grace You meant everything to me But you have fallen so far from grace In the morgue Where your body lies The lord hath taken away The angel of my dreams Your innocent smile Is washed black and gray And I continue to pray That we will meet again some way The flesh has fallen Your beauty will not go forgotten Succumb to temptation The pleasure morphed to pain
Misfortunes I have endured All my cries go unheard It's my time to strike back The will to live burns inside Crippling disease eats away At my soul/ Body ravaged From years of abuse Eyes sunken from lack of care Infection spreading through my veins Crawling on my skin Destroying my being with it's pathogen Mortality is setting in Pulse is swiftly fading My mind clouded with thoughts The reaper is waiting (Chorus) Struggling everyday To keep my demons at bay There's no promise of tomorrow It's time to persevere The end is drawing near There's no promise of tomorrow Struggling everyday To put my vices down Before I'm six feet undergroud Struggling everyday To see the light again There's no promise of tomorrow Wasting Away/ I'm battle scarred Facing fear/ I overcome The things that stand before me
Idle Hands 03:59
(Solo: Matt) Busy ourselves doing nothing at all Scrolling down a screen/ Staring at a wall We choose to amuse ourselves with trivial Disputes that steal our time Everyone's a critic/ Everyone's a cynic Hungry for time in the spotlight To taste a few minutes of fame (Chorus) Addicted to attention/ Fleeting Satisfaction Trying to mask the loneliness Crippled with depression Misguided aggression The walls we've built Are wearing thin/ They're crumbling (Solo:Matt) (Solo: Justin) (Solo: Matt) (Solo: Justin) We are all driven to be heard To make our mark and get what we deserve Raise our voices to the top of our lungs But have nothing to say Use smoke and mirror's to achieve success Cutting corners/ Skipping steps Like children in a playground We're all playing make believe Idle hands/ Idle hands do the devil's work Idle hands/ Constantly wasting time Idle hands/ Idle hands do the devil's work Idle hands/ Idle hands they achieve nothing (Chorus) (Solo: Matt)
Ritual torment/ The stench of mutilation They spread their message of hatred Put us on a path to annihilation Millions murdered for an evil cause Suffering means nothing to them As long as they meet their God Unholy disciples/ Perverting scripture Rivers of blood will flow Until we stop their abomination Unleash the holocaust Bludgeoning those who oppose them Killing is their means to an end Slaughtering all dissidents Attacking without provocation Like vultures lusting in the shadows Bedtime for democracy If we don't rise and slay them (Chorus) Infected by ideology So sick, impure and vile A warped vision of reality Fulfills sadistic desire Caught in the doldrums In a sea of disease Sailing into oblivion Going the way of those who preached
As I walk through the fields of bloodshed I forget who I am Killing has stained my eyes In a war fed by malice We do the unthinkable deeds Commit the sins for our government I feel my morality slipping away with each life I take I was never raised to live this way (Chorus) Now I master in death The hand of God Controlled by the will of the devil He's whispering words in my ear To show no mercy to my enemy Why have you forsaken me Now all I have is cold blood Running through my veins Screams of torment echo in my dreams Haunting me til' my last breath How will I be judged in the afterlife Is there peace for a soldier of war Will these nightmares fade With the passage of time Or will they burn like the fires of hell (Chorus)
(Solo: Matt) Get up every morning With a singular thought in my head To set the bar higher To take it further than I've ever been I will not accept less than the best I will not die like the rest These visions of grandeur Are constantly consuming me These voices of desire Fuel the flames of passion within me I didn't choose the game/ It chose me I wouldn't have it any other way Culling the posers Through years of labour Delusions of fortune And fame have since faded Dreams can turn into nightmares Endure the pain for a moment of beauty (Chorus) It's my calling/ It's my fate A destiny that was made for me No illusion of a simple road Nothing in life is guaranteed I live it and breathe it Go to any lengths/ I'll bleed for it Imagination has taken me From the valley to infinity (Solo: Matt) (Solo: Tim) (Chorus)
Slink Away 03:29
This is the day of my rebirth Freed from the shackles you impose Escape your emotional prison Burn the baggage left behind I've lost all respect for you You've taken my kindness for weakness And now that it's all over Here's the way to the fuckin' door (Chorus) Don't tell me to slink away You no longer control my life Don't tell me what to do The path I choose is mine Betrayal/ The Lies The truth shall be told Nothing or anything Will change the way I fell Now you slither away My eyes finally can see The light of a new beginning This was a blessing in disguise I'm on the road to victory
Zero hour/ No time to hesitate The invasion is coming From the sea we infiltrate (Chorus) Under the gun/ Motivation has begun To sink or swim The executioner's will shall not be done Onto the beach Marching past the Belgian gates Shrapnel's tearing through We will fight til our live's been consumed Sand is littered with bodies The charge is unrelenting Assault waves in succession Liberation our only mission Percussive blast of detonation A baptism of fire Suppress human emotion Focus on our targets Tyranny will be vanquished Cold blooded killing Reality of freedom The righteous have risen Against the forces of evil The empire of sycophants Has seen their final hour Overlord has been unleashed Unearth the draconian rats Put them into a permanent sleep Conquering the cliffs of death Obliteration is unfolding Fires raging free in this mortal tragedy It's hard to have sympathy For the henchmen of the devil Drive the nail in their coffin Put them on the run Their reich is done No longer shall their master plan Rule the common man Victory comes from our sacrifice The razor of justice mows them down


released October 31, 2018

All Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar & Vocals by Matt Cuthbertson
Bass Guitar by Murray Cuthbertson
Drums by James Burton
Music by Matt Cuthbertson
Lyrics by Murray Cuthbertson (*except 'Idle Hands' by Matt Cuthbertson)
All solos by Matt Cuthbertson (*unless otherwise noted)
Guest solos by Bobby Koelble, Tim Roth & Justin Bender

Produced by Justin Bender & Untimely Demise
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Justin Bender
Rhythm Guitars, Leads & Solos recorded by Justin Bender at Divergent Sounds Studios in Moose Jaw, SK
Drums & Guitar Re-Amping recorded by Ryan Forsyth at Grimfrykt Studios in Winnipeg, MB
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered from January to August 2018

Artwork by Edward J. Repka
Layout by Troy Bleich
Band Photography by Aaron Brown & Erin Lindsay Cuthbertson

All rights reserved 2018
This work shall not be reproduced without the expressed written consent of Untimely Demise

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Untimely Demise Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


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